visual surface inspection by iLux LightBox

LDV Laser- und Lichtsysteme GmbH has expandet its portfolio by inventing a new lighting system, especially for visual surface inspection at single work places.

The iLux LightBox is equipped with a special fluorescent lamp with a RA>90 and daylight quality.

Different from traditional lighting systems the worklplace is not illuminated directly. Due to a special shielding of the illuminant, the light is redirected before reaching the workplace. Individually adjustable lamellas ensure the fine adjustment of the light direction. Thereby you have a homogenious and glare-free illumination as known from our classic light sail® technology.

The iLux LightBox is availabl in different dimensions: 1.200 x 800 mm and 1.500 x 800 mm are the standart measurements. As well availably as standard are the double Lightox and the triple LightBox with the length of 1200 or 1500mm. A modular Multi-LightBox can be manufactured according to the surface to be illuminated out of single segments. Therfore nearly every area size, from the humen space withing reach of 1,6 x 0,6 m up to big inspection tables, can be illuminated. In this area you have constant and consistent light conditions. This is important to avoid waiting periods or overlooked defects caused by the adaption period of the eye.

With its compact design the iLux LightBox is easy to carry  – perfect for operation at different inspection places. The mounting is done with chains, carabiners and turnbuckles. Thereby the LightBox is easy to align.