visuelle surface inspaction with iLux LightBar long

The parallel light streams of the iLux LightBar are getting with a flat angel over the surface (illuminated area min.  1500 x 2.000 mm). Thereby typical defects (dents, scratches etc.) are getting a well recognize structure by the light edges and shades.

The system is connected via a plug to the normal power supply system.

It is mounted by horizontal bolting (therefore see the mount in schematic diagram).

Item Details
Dimensions of the iLux LightBar 1540 (1650) x 90 (150) x 165 mm
Reflector 1 parabolix reflector
- aluminium, coated
- hight-gloss
Power consumption 80W

various mounting due to flecxible bracket

Protection class IP65


Item Details
Lightsource Osram T5 FQ 80W/865 HO LUMILUX
Illuminated area approx. 1500 x 2000 mm
Light strength  stepless dimming from 0-100%
Light colour 6500 K neutral daylight