visual surface inspection by iLux mini

The iLux mini is mainly used in order to equip stationary examination points with optimised light conditions. Here, tag particles to wafers are checked for surface faults.

The flexibility of the light canopy enables the beam of light to be individually angled onto the surface to be checked.


Technical details:

Item Details
Dimensions of the light canopy® 800 x 400 mm
Lamellae 16 pieces
- aluminium
- coated 
Light source 75 or 150 W
- HQI-TS daylight
frame: Rx 7
Reflector asymmetrical
Power consumption 150 W
Light colour neutral daylight 5400K (use of colour filters is possible)
Protection class IP65
Mounting - hung from the ceiling (chain system)
- fixed mounting to the ceiling


Item Details
Height of the lighting system approx. 2,000 mm
Illuminated area approx. 900 x 500 mm
Height of the working range capprox. 800 mm
Light strength approx. 1100lx