Visuol V-Optics SAS

Partner of LDV Laser- und Lichtsysteme GmbH

Since this year, we have a partnership with Visuol V-Optics SAS. V-Optics is engaged in the deflectometry. 

Deflectometry offers high accuracy and repeatability on reflective surfaces and light-transmissive materials.

Principle the solutions are composed of a camera and a screen displaying a periodic pattern. The camera records images of the pattern reflected over (or transmitted through) the surface to test. The pattern acts as a ruler: it locates, for each camera pixel, the corresponding emitting point on the screen. It is then possible to model spatially the light rays path and thus to know the direction of the normal at each point of the surface. The surface local slopes and curvatures can then be calculated.
Capabilities the contact-free devices detect and measure local defects, texture, waviness, flatness, distortion, etc. Compared with classical 3D measuring methods such as fringe projection or stereo-correlation, Visuol’s technology is particularly reliable on shiny materials and will detect much smaller defects. Unlike interferometry, it is not sensitive to vibrations and can thus be implemented in industrial environments.

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