Speed and Length Measurement

The production of steel and aluminium is done in a harsh environment with a lot of dirt, high temperatures and steam or dust. Anyway the demand on product quality is expected to be on the highest level of technology. Especially the automotive industry - the most important customer - is looking for total quality inspection. Therefore the metals industry has to provide a top quality management with precise measurements all over the different production stages.

Non-contact measurement with Lasers
Optical instruments are reliable and accurate as they are based on non-contact technology. Compared to mechanical measurement devices which have contact to the material, the optical instruments do not stress the surface in anyway.

One of the most important process and automation parameter is the exact knowledge of the speed difference, i.e. the speed at entry and exit of the rolling mill. As no material is lost during rolling, a change in thickness will lead to a change in speed as well. This speed difference is typically measured by Laser speed gauges which are based on Doppler principle.

Speed differences in rolling mill application are measured by high precision Velemeter® systems. The measurement results are used for mass flow application as well as for elongation ratio measurement in cold and hot mill environment. Velemeter 500 series model A is used for speeds starting from 12 m/min.

If there is a need for zero speed or exact length measurement in reversing application, the model B can be used, which has a Bragg-cell option.

Additionally to the well established Velemeter 500 series a new compact sensor is available. This model is called Velemeter C - it is designed for use in or attached to C-frames of thickness gauges. It has already an integrated angle optic.