With non-contact speed measurement systems for the rolling industry and lighting systems for visual surface examination, LDV Laser- und Lichtsysteme GmbH wants to be a competent business associate for all customers. The commitment to quality and environmental protection is an important part of our company’s objectives.

The bases for our actions are the fulfillment of customer requirements, social benefits and economic success. We achieve these by creating efficient processes as well as a corporate culture which is modern and constantly re-developed. Here, responsibility, quality and environmental awareness are promoted among all managers and employees.

In order to meet our own requirements and those of our customers, all of our services which reflect the state of the art must be characterised by quality, environmental performance, a reasonable price and timely delivery. Every employee and every manager is responsible for winning and retaining satisfied customers. For us, it is not the fault itself that has to be eliminated, but the causes of faults. The prevention of faults goes before their elimination!

We check the benefits that we provide for our customers through continuous communication with our customers in terms of quality, environmental compatibility and value for money. In addition, we review our performance through annual process and system audits.